What Is Rebate?

It is the commission that brokers pay to their introducing brokers for referring clients. It is usually part of the spread.
For Example when a client who already been referred by IB, opens and closes a 1.0 Lot buy Eur/USD position, some
brokers pay the IB about $10 as a rebate. It is part of brokers marketing policy.

What Is Forex CashBack (Forex Rebates)?

It is a new way in Forex industry to make more income, please read our “How It Works” page.

Why should I register in BestForexCashBack.com?

Why not?!  You register with us for free, do your trades as normal and you will be paid by us for your
all trades, no matter you win or you loss. Isn’t it a must to register then?

How Do I Start Getting Paid for My Trades?

  1. Sign Up with us for free in a few seconds.
  2. Compare and choose your rebate broker from our leading brokers list here . Follow the instructions to open your live account trough us.
  3. Email us your account info for confirmation. After the confirmation, you can start your trading and receive cash (rebate) for every trade you make.

When Will I Receive My Payments?

Most of our listed brokers pay our rebates in live time. So for these brokers, we can pay you any time you like. Just send us your request for your payment. But some other brokers pay our rebate in monthly basis. If you have account in such brokers, you can request for your payment after the specific date that is mentioned on the broker’s details page.

How Many Times in a Month I Can Request for a Payment?

There is no limitation here. As many times as you like, you can request for a payment.

It is free of charge in first four requests and if your previous payment was more than $500 and will be with a %5(Not less than $5) administrative fee after fourth request, if your previous payment was less than $500.

What Payment Methods Do You Offer?

At the moment we offer :

  1. WebMoney , $10 Minimum , %0.8(no more than $50) payment fee.
  2. MoneyBookers(Skrill) , $10 Minimum, %4 fee.
  3. Paypal , $10 Minimum , Paypal fee, 5% exchange fee.
  4. Broker Internal Transfer , $10 Minimum , no fee.

Can You Deposit Directly Into My Trading Account?

Yes, in some cases brokers let us to deposit your rebate directly to your trading account.

Can I Get Cash Back on a Broker I Already Have an Account With?

In Most cases, yes. Read the procedure in brokers page of our website or contact us.

Can I Get Cash Back on Brokers That Are Not Listed?

In some cases, yes. We add more brokers often. Please feel free to contact us regarding your preferred broker and if the broker meet our criteria, we will add it to our listed brokers, so you will be able to receive rebate in your preferred broker.