The expert we have provided for you here is an expert which they are selling it for high amounts in the majority of Forex expert websites worldwide. Irresponsible of that, we offer the expert free to our clients. We have already been able to develop fully its accomplished simulation.

We insist that this expert is available for rent for monthly and annual use in the website of its builder at a very high price!

This expert is one of the most advanced experts in the world considering its provided options.

We have set the settings and improved the expert on AUD/JPY for you.

In near future we try to provide you the settings for other pairs too.

You can also improve the expert by spending a little amount for yourself in whatever respect you wish and then use and enjoy it

This expert like our other experts has been provided for you for free.

The expert needs to be reactivated every month and it is possible that in future the expert will be only available to rent at a cost about 30$.

Please note that to receive the expert you need to open a new account via the link we provide for you or simply click on one the following banners and go to the broker’s website and register a new account:


Next, You may kindly send us ( the account number for which you wish to run and activate the expert on.

After the verification done by us, you will receive the expert in your email within 24 hours with one month activation.

Here is a view of the chart on which the expert was run:

Airplan EA

Expert backtest during last 10 months with spread of 2.5:

The average monthly profit is over 30$

This expert is expected to make about 10~15 monthly profit.

However please note that the expert could make 8% profit at worst case and 32% profit at best in the period of time the expert was active.

How to obtain the expert

You can simply open a new account via our link, charge the account and after our verification receive the expert in your email.

You can simply send us an email mentioning your account number that you have opened via us and wish to have expert for it.

Best wishes

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