Affiliate Program

We do our best here in BestForexCashBack.Com to provide our clients
the best
and unbeatable services and rates. It is the reason that we pay
our affiliates :

50% of our Commission

Refer your friends and clients and receive 50%(12.5% of referral rebates)
of our commissions from their trades.

Example: You refer client A, he register in our website and open an account though us. He starts trading and we receive $1000 commission from broker for his trades. We pay back $800 to client A and share the remained $200 with you, $100 you and $100 us.


Your Referrals Take Advantage of:

1- The highest forex rebate rates.
2- The fastest rebate payout (any time at clients request).
3- The wide range of leading Forex brokers.

How to start referring?

Just register in our website in few minutes. Login to your control panel and you will find your unique affiliate
link in affiliate page of control panel. You
can see a live stat of hits on your link, registered clients through
your link
and real accounts opened by your referrals .

Register Now and Start Earning 50% Affiliate Commission