Forex Pro Indicator


Forex pro indicator

Never enter the market just by this indicator’s signal

Instead in the case your strategy issued a signal confirming this indicator’s signal direction you can then enter the market.

This indicator is also corrective or modifying, so you should wait for the next candle for stabilizing.

[download id=”2483″]

How to install indicators, script expert and template:

  • To install indicator in mt4 firstly clock on “File” in metatrader tabs
  • In the opened page open the relevant file to install the template and then attach pr paste your already copied template inside
  • To install indicator or expert or script, open MQL4 folder
  • Then if you want to install any indicator copy and paste it in the indicator folder
  • if you want to install any expert copy and paste it in the expert folder
  • if you want to install any script copy and paste it in the script folder
  • close and open again your metatrader
  • in the related menu you will notice your desired indicator script and expert being added
  • all you need to do is to select your desired chart
  • and then call it by clicking on indicator expert or script you like
  • for your template, if you right click on the chart you will see your added template in the template sections which is available for you to being called

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